Experiments in Distant Influence: Notes and Poems

Experiments-in-Distant-Influence - Cover

In these essays and poems, Anne Simpson embraces the robust role that literature can play in helping us to navigate our relationship with the world. Whether she’s meditating on the nature of artistic collaboration, poetry’s ability to have an impact everyday life, the commonalties between the practice of writing and the practice of spirituality, or the prospect of hope and courage in the face of illness and death, Simpson approaches her subjects with intense curiosity and a deep empathy for both the human and non-human phenomena she encounters, recognizing the complex ecology of our communities and how, through practising the attentiveness poetry fosters, we might help each other flourish.

2020 / Canadian Poetry, books and Reading / $28.95
9781554472017 / Trade paper / 208 pp

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Award-winning poets Anne Simpson and Annick MacAskill stop by the University of King’s College campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia to talk about their newest books published by Gaspereau Press.