Speechless: A Novel 2020

Experiments in Distant Influence: Notes and Poems 2020

Strange Attractor: poetry 2019

Is: poetry 2011

The Marram Grass: Essays 2009

Falling: novel 2008

Quick: Poetry 2007

Loop: poetry 2003

Canterbury Beach: novel 2001

Light Falls Through You: poetry 2000

2 thoughts on “Books

    • HI Frances,

      I’m so sorry not to have responded to your comments on my website. You were in Borno State with CUSO–amazing how connections with CUSO volunteers keeps going on. (Marc Shaw and Ed Hamel have just gathered together stories by CUSO teachers you might be interested in, called CUSO Nigeria True Stories by Canadians Who Were There.)

      As for my novel, I so appreciate you asking about it. The novel is finally out. It’s called Speechless and it was published by Freehand Press. You are welcome to get in touch with the publisher if you’d like to get a copy. Kelsey Attard is truly wonderful and will send a book directly from the press (usually with a handwritten note).

      Heidi Garnet is a wonderful writer. It was my pleasure to write a blurb for her.

      Warm wishes,
      Anne Simpson

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